Volume 15

2022 - 6

Research Article
Optimization of CO2 Emission of the Composite Floor System via Metaheuristics Algorithm
Paulo Augusto Tonini Arpini and Élcio Cassimiro Alves
Pages 1 - 14
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.01

Research Article
Spider Bot – A Quadruped Robot for Data Gathering
Senthamarai Kannan C, Prashanna Rangan R, Nithish K, Amanullah S, Akash K and Hari Prasaath S P
Pages 15 - 19
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.02

A Technical Report on an Innovative Plan to Migrate from Traditional PCI Card based Control System to USB Port Interfaced Control System that has been Implemented Successfully in an Active Synchrotron Beam Line
Avijit Das
Pages 20 - 27
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.03

Research Article
A Hybrid Traceback based Network Forensic Technique to Identifying Origin of Cybercrime
Rachana Patil, Yogesh H. Patil, Renu Kachhoria, Savita Kumbhare and Sheetal U. Bhandari
Pages 28 - 34
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.04

Research Article
Seismic Vulnerability Analysis of Long Span Prestressed Concrete Continuous Rigid Frame Bridge
Luo Hua, Liang Yongyan, Feng Jianqiang, Li Bin and Liu Wenjuan
Pages 35 - 41
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.05

Research Article
Analysis on AHP-VIKOR-based Supplier Selection for Large Equipment Maintenance of Construction Enterprises
Ziye Zhu, Youyang Xin and Yi Jing
Pages 42 - 48
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.06

Research Article
An Improved EfficientNet Model and its Applications in Pneumonia Image Classification
Li Lina, Tan Zexuan and Han Xiangzhu
Pages 49 - 54
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.07

Review Article
Factors Affecting the Bond Between Substrate-Overlay Material. A Review
Kavendra Pulkit, Babita Saini and H. D. Chalak
Pages 55 - 69
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.08

Research Article
Forecasting the Fatality Rate of Traffic Accidents in Jordan: Applications of Time-Series, Curve Estimation, and Multiple Linear Regression Models
Belal Edries and Ahmad H. Alomari
Pages 70 - 77
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.09

Research Article
Dynamic Response Analysis of Pavement Structure of Steel-concrete Composite Beam Bridge under Triaxial Force of Tires
Baoxing Gong, Zhanyou Yan, Kaifan Xu and Chunliu Li
Pages 78 - 88
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.10

Research Article
Finite Element Method-based Temperature Field Analysis of Early Age Frozen Shaft Lining with Temperature-Dependent Characteristics
Yu Gao, Jie Han, Peng Ma, Hongguang Ji and Chunhui Zhao
Pages 89 - 96
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.11

Research Article
Optimization of Engine Valve Parameters Based on Experimental Design and Response Surface Methodology
Yuanyuan Zhang, Sihang Wei and Chenrui Xu
Pages 97 - 106
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.12

Research Article
Mitigating the Effect of Blackhole Attacks in MANAT
Ahmad Abadleh, Alaa Btoush, Anas Ali Alkasasbeh, Alaa Mahadeen, Eshraq Al-Hawari, Aya Tareef and Maram M. Al-Mjali
Pages 107 - 114
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.13

Research Article
Voltage and Frequency Control in a Microgrid
Obaid Siddiqui, Ward Ul Hijaz Paul, Sheeraz Kirmani, Mubassir Ahmad, Danish Ali and Md Safdar Ali
Pages 115 - 124
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.14

Research Article
Analysis of Collapse Mechanism and Anti-collapse Support of Borehole in Deep Tectonic Coal
Jingtao Li, Dingqi Li, Shuren Wang and Yubo Chen
Pages 125 - 131
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.15

Research Article
Dynamic Response Analysis of Steel-Concrete Beam Deck Pavement under Moving Load
Guofang Zhao, Jiaxin Hu, Qizhi Wang, Yongkang Yan and Baoxing Gong
Pages 132 - 141
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.16

Research Article
Influence of Virtual Reality (VR) Technology on the Teaching Effect of Engineering Practical Training
Shisheng Lyn, Feng Yan and Qiuyue Sun
Pages 142 - 148
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.17

Research Article
Predictive Assessment of the Development of Unmanned Aviation System
Sergei Serebryansky and Maksim Shkurin
Pages 149 - 154
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.18

Research Article
An Investigative Study of Ground Plane Size on the Performance of a Compact Co-Axial-Fed Microstrip Patch Antenna
Bisma Bukhari and G.M. Rather
Pages 155 - 163
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.19

Review Article
Recent Advances in Vacuum Circuit Breakers
Kimonas Papadiotis, Michael G. Danikas, Ramanujam Sarathi and Georgios Falekas
Pages 164 - 169
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.20

Research Article
Influence Factors Analysis of Projectile Kinetic Energy at Muzzle of Magnetoresistive Coil Gun
Jian Gong, Dalu Fang, Weimin Liang and Shuren Wang
Pages 170 - 177
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.21

Research Article
A Novel Analytical Method for Contact Stress of Flexible Joint in Ultra-short-radius Drilling Tools
Xiuxing Zhu, Yingpeng Xu, Xiaoyang Li, Rui Hou and Guigen Ye
Pages 178 - 185
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.22

Research Article
Dynamic Walking and Stepping over Large Obstacles of Biped Robots: A Poincaré Map Approach
Nasrin Kalamain and Mohammad Farrokhi
Pages 186 - 200
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.23

Research Article
Sparse Vectors Based Load Flow Solution in Radial Power Distribution Systems
Pullagura Bhaskar and G.Nageswara Reddy
Pages 201 - 206
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.24

An Empirical Effective Method for Energy Transition in a Regional Energy Semiautonomous Spatial System: The Case of REMTH
E. D. Stathakis
Pages 207 - 314
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.156.25

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